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Velo Shine Bike Wipes (18ct )

Velo Shine Bike Wipes (18ct )

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Velo Shine Bike Wipes (18ct )

VeloShine Wipes are the premier cleaning product for eco-conscious cyclists who recognize the importance of maintaining a clean bike in an environmentally friendly way. VeloShine is the only multifunctional wipe of its kind; specifically designed for cyclists to use on and off of the bike!

VeloShine Wipes provide a convenient, safe, and effective method for cleaning all of your cycling needs; from high-end bikes, helmets & shoes to your hands and face, VeloShine is the perfect product for any cyclist.

VeloShine is eco-friendly & 100% Biodegradable. Additionally, VeloShine was developed from the outset to be a hypoallergenic product. Why hypoallergenic? Naturally, for cyclists to use VeloShine to wipe off their face, arms, and legs after every ride/race! To freshen up before they are able to hit the showers. Cycling clubs and teams love VeloShine precisely because of its multiple uses.

Each VeloShine package contains 18 extra large 8” x 11”, thick 100 GSM, which are 100% American made and packaged. VeloShine is not a degreaser. Degreasers contain harsh chemicals and solvents capable of breaking down grease and tar… so degreasers can also remove the glossy finish and paint on your bike frame. Cyclists who use VeloShine wipes to clean their bike after every ride, lessen or eliminate altogether the need to use degreasers.VeloShine ® is a registered trademark of VeloWipes, Inc. VeloShine is made in the USA!


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