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Koki Bagatelle Pannier

Koki Bagatelle Pannier

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Koki Bagatelle Pannier

Wastepaper stream turns fashion corner also for the BAGATELLE. This bag is our taller tote for smaller frames or wheels, but in a chic recycled paper get-up. Just like it's bigger sista, the BAGAGBOO RP , the entire front panel is made from recycled paper. Yes, paper. The paper is a waste product from an industrial printing process. It is cut into strips, folded and then coated with an environmentally friendly PE (polyethylene) to give it structure and water-resistance. It is woven into a fabric-like material with a unique look and feel. A difficult, time-consuming process, but for a good cause. We fell in love with the material and with its goal of reducing and re-using waste. We combined the recycled paper front panel with our plum colored ripstop material to pick up some of the colors in the recycled paper. The result is a sweet BAGATELLE that will turn heads on your bike or on your shoulder.

All the other features of our regular BAGATELLE are retained, with the exception of the zippered flat front pocket. We couldn't work that into the front panel without compromising the integrity of the recycled paper panel. This 2012 model features a completely detachable shoulder strap, a larger, tensioned top opening and our new and improved FlipClips for easy attachment to your bike's rack.

waterproof rubber sole
hidden rack attachment
adjustable/detachable shoulder strap
removable raincover

USE :: hands-free shopping, yard sale hopping, around town cruisin', gym bag, swim bag
SIZE :: 11.5x16x6.5 in
VOL :: ~1200 in3
WT :: 1 lb 8 oz


2204 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804 (map)  407-422-5552
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