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Understanding Your Car Rack Choices

Or how I learned to stop worrying and take my bike

Transporting your bicycle by car is a great way to expand your cycling adventures. It makes it easy to find traffic-free roads, memorable trails, to take your bikes on vacation or just head over to a friend's house across town for a fun group ride.

While on most vehicles, you can simply haul your two-wheeler in the trunk or back seat, this usually requires removing wheels. And, even if you have a roomy SUV that allows toting the bike without disassembly, there's still the risk of chain grease staining that rich Corinthian Leather interior. Plus, with bikes in the back, there's a lot less room for your other gear.

Basic Considerations
When looking for a rack for your car know the type of vehicle you'll mount the rack to. Consider how many bikes you'll carry. Figure what else you'll take along. All of these things help determine the best rack for you.

Types of Car Racks
A trunk rack is an inexpensive transportation solution.The first and most basic type is called the Trunk-mount because it fits on trunks or hatchbacks. Consisting of movable locking arms and hooking straps, trunk racks can be adjusted to fit many vehicles, these racks accept 1 to 3 bicycles, and fold for flat storage when not in use. 

These racks are portable, low cost, easy to mount to the car, and easy to put bikes on. Drawbacks include having something resting on your vehicle (contact points are protected by pads, however, you might prefer nothing touching your paint job) and having to remember to fine-tune the straps during installation and before every trip to ensure that the rack is securely attached and can't budge.

Hitch racks protect both bikes and car!The next is the Hitch-mount. These mid-priced racks fit into the hitches (also called "receivers") on the rear of many SUVs, trucks and some cars. This is a secure connection that ensures that the rack cannot shift or move when you're cruising down the road. And, because these racks hold the bikes away from the vehicle, you don’t have to worry about paint scratches.

Available in 2,-3,-4,-and 5 bike models, many of these racks also fold away from the vehicle allowing use of a tailgate or rear door without removing the bikes. Hitch racks can be locked to the hitch for theft prevention and may be easily removed for storage when not in use. The easy-access height makes them the best option for taller vehicles where a roof rack would be challenging to use.


Roof racks are an investment in peace of mind.The most visibly striking and versatile type of rack is the Roof-mount. Add one of these to your vehicle and you proclaim to the world, “I am an outdoor enthusiast!”

Consisting of two crossbars attached to the roof via specially designed towers, these racks can be outfitted to carry bikes, skis, snowboards, canoes, even cargo boxes, securely and safely. By stowing your bikes and sports gear on the roof, the full functionality of your vehicle is retained.

Ready To Roll
Besides these standard racks, there are also models that fit inside the beds of pick-ups and even some that fit onto rear-mounted spare tires, which goes to show that pretty much whatever type of vehicle you drive, we can help you find a great way to carry your bikes.

Just stop by and ask us to help you find the rack that’s best for your needs and vehicle. And don’t worry. Our experienced technicians are available to expertly install your new rack, too. Just ask. See you at the trailhead!

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